For a new constitution to be adopted, certain processes are usually undertaken and such are discussed below:

1. Constitutional Conferences: This is the gathering of people, usually from all works of life in a country, for the sole purpose of discussing constitutional matters or issues, which to a very large extent form the basis of the constitution.

2. Constitution Drafting Committee: This is a select group, saddled with the responsibility of drafting the constitution for a country or state. Note that the selection of the constitution drafting committee is usually on the basis of experience and expertise.

3. The Constituent Assembly: Usually, this body is headed by a competent and experienced legal jurist, who is versatile in constitutional matters. The body is usually saddled with the responsibility of putting final touches on the draft constitution and thereafter the published volume of the constitution is handed over to the president or Head of government.

4. Judicial Interpretation Committee: This body is composed of learned judges who come together to take a critical analysis of the draft constitution section by section.

5. Constitution Amendment Committee: This body is charged with the responsibility of providing procedures for amending any section of the constitution or the whole part thereof when the need arises.

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