This is the type of constitution in which the fundamental laws and principles with which a state/country is governed are not written down or codified in a single document. A good example of a country operating this type of constitution is Britain.

Advantages of an Unwritten Constitution

1. Unwritten constitution is made to respond easily to changes, which are inevitable in a dynamic society.

2. It usually commands more acceptance since it is derived from the historical experience of the state e.g. Britain.

3. The flexibility of the constitution makes decisions fast and meets changes readily.

4. Its non-rigidity enhances easy amendment.

5. Its flexibility eliminates the problem of difficulty in interpretation, thereby reducing the incidents of litigation.

Disadvantages of an Unwritten Constitution

1. Unwritten constitution does not create room for easy proof of violation since it is not documented.

2. It is difficult for citizens to know their constitutional rights and obligations.

3. It does not provide adequate safeguards aimed at protecting the interests of minorities.

4. It creates room for the ruling party to be easily autocratic because of the indefinite nature of the constitution.

5. It can easily be abused because of its inconsistency.

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