This is another type of constitution that is easily amended without going through any stringent and/or rigorous procedure. It 5 a constitution that can be amended by a simple majority in the House of parliament instead of the two-thirds majority that applies to the Nigerian Federal constitution. The process of amending a flexible constitution is similar to that of passing a bill into law e.g. Britain.

Advantages of Flexible Constitution

1. Flexible constitution enables the government to make quick and fast decisions.

2. Its mode of amendment is very easy, as it demands a mere simple majority.

3. It can be amended to respond to desirable changes.

4. It can easily meet emergency needs.

Disadvantages of Flexible Constitution

1. Frequent alterations of the constitution do not provide for the required continuity in government.

2. It may not be utilized efficiently in a federal state like Nigeria.

3. It is subject to manipulation by a few selfish politicians.

4. It is also subject to violations by the citizens whom it is expected to protect.

5. It can engineer instability in a heterogeneous state. Therefore, it is not good in such states.

6. It can easily pave way for the emergence of dictatorship since the constitution can easily be changed.

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