This 2nd jihad was inspired by the Sokoto jihad though it was more revolutionary than that of Sokoto in greater and more violent changes.

It led to the creation of the empire of Masina which became a theocratic state that never compromised in upholding the Islamic doctrine.

Seku Ahmadu often spoke out and preached against the un-Islamic practices of the Fulani leaders in Masina called the Ardo’en. Some of those practices included being loyal to pagans and drinking alcohol.

He succeeded in gathering a lot of followers and continued to advocate for a true Muslim society. It happened that in 1818, some of Seku’s followers killed one of the sons of an Ardo’en.

The Ardo’en saw it as an opportunity to subdue Seku but fortunately, Seku had a lot of followers/supporters. He also requested and received a flag from Usman Dan Fodio as a go-ahead. He subsequently proclaimed his own Jihad.

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