1. The Fulani Jihadists were not satisfied with the adulterated Islamic practices (like the worship of images and idols) in Hausa land hence there was every need to purify Islam of its paganism.
  2. The Fulanis also saw the need to create stronger Islamic society in and outside Sudan which would follow the Islamic laws.
  3. The Fulanis felt that they were being discriminated by the Hausa ruling aristocrats thereby preventing the growing Fulani scholars. Hence, the need for jihad to prevent the situation.
  4. The Fulani Merchants feared that their wealth was not secured under the corrupt rule of the Hausa Monarchs and as a result, embarked on the Jihad to secure their wealth.
  5. The Hausa ruling aristocrats at that time were corrupt and as a result prevented justice; hence, the Fulanis saw the need to redress the situation.
  6. Again, the ruling aristocrats in the Hausa land were seen as unenlightened and despotic and in addition imposed heavy taxes on their subjects.
  7. The Fulani women were treated with disdain and being led by Usman Dan Fodio, fought Jihad.

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