The Independent Corrupt Practices (and other Related Offences) Commission (ICPC)

The main duty of the ICPC is to receive complaints and investigate and prosecute offenders. Other duties include education and enlightenment of the public about and against bribery, corruption and related offences.

The commission also has the task of reviewing and modifying the activities of public bodies, where such practices may aid corruption.
Its duties as delineated in Section 6(a-f) of the Act 2000 can be summarized as:

1. Enforcement duties: To receive and investigate reports of corrupt offences as created by the Act and in appropriate cases prosecute the offenders.

2. Prevention duties: To examine, review and enforce the correction of corruption-prone systems and procedures of public bodies with a view to eliminating or minimizing corruption in public life.

3. Education duties: To educate and enlighten the public on and against corruption with a view to enlisting and fostering public support for the fight against it.

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