Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

The EFCC is a Nigerian law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes such as advance fee fraud (419) and money laundering. The agency has its head office in Abuja. The EFCC performs the following:

1. Investigates all financial crimes such as advance fee fraud (otherwise known as 419), money laundering, counterfeiting, illegal charge transfer, futures market fraud, fraudulent encashment of negotiable instruments, fraudulent diversion of funds, computer credit card fraud, contract scam, forgery of financial instruments, issuance of dud cheque etc.

2. Adopts measures to identify, trace, freeze, confiscate, or seize proceeds derived from terrorist activities, economic and financial crimes related offences, or the properties, the value of which correspond to such proceeds.

3. Adopts measures to eradicate and prevent the commission of economic and financial crimes with a view to identifying individuals, corporate bodies or groups involved.

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