Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC):

Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC):


1. It is a government parastatal which is vested with the responsibility of warding off pirates from the works of artists and other intellectual property owners.

2. Its regulatory and enforcement functions cover the creative genres of literary works, musical works, artistic works, sound recording, broadcasts, performances and expression.

3. Provision of free legal counselling to stakeholders and all interested persons on the varied and sometimes complex subject of intellectual property.

4. Increasing level of copyright awareness, reduction in activities of pirates, prosecution of copyright offenders in Federal High Courts across the country, improvement in earnings of right owners etc.

5. Confiscating and burning of any volume of infringing copyright in the global fight owners’ favourable perception against piracy, the conviction of pirates and increasing willingness to comply with the revisions of the copyright law by users of works protected by copyright.

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