1. Good values promote peace and harmony that create enabling environment for progress and development to thrive.
  2. Values promote cooperation among individuals, society and the country at large. Values make people to work as a team, thereby, achieving a common goal which leads to progress and development.
  3. The knowledge and understanding of our societal values help to promote peace and harmony among people, hence, their happiness.
  4. Where peace and harmony reign, disputes and disagreements are resolved amicably.
  5. Love for one another promotes the unity of oneness and purpose. Love is the major pillar of all values which embodies peace, harmony, cooperation, progress and many meaningful developments.
  6. Good values promote fair play, which ensures that people, no matter their ethnic/religious differences and/or social status are treated equally without fear or favour.
  7. Values help to guide us to know what is right or wrong, good or bad. This influences and directs our day-to-day dealings with people and decision-making. Values, therefore, enhance people’s respect for one another, hence, improving our self-esteem.
  8. Values promote good behaviour among people of the world.

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