1. Civic education helps to build a great nation where citizens are taught about good moral behaviour and conduct.
  2. It also helps to build and train good citizens who respect the laws of the land, honour their leaders and also show a high sense of love for their country.
  3. The study of civic education helps to promote national unity as the citizens imbibe the values of tolerance, patriotism and love among the diverse/different ethnic groups.
  4. Civic education helps to inculcate in the citizens the right attitude and the mind to oblige their duties such as payment of taxes, respect for leaders, respect for the constitution, respect for one another and respect for our national symbols.
  5. Civic education teaches people to trust and show love for one another and the nation at large.
  6. It also inculcates in us the spirit of national consciousness which helps us to fight and defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country, Nigeria.
  7. Civic education helps to make the citizens of a country be aware of their rights and obligations (duties) which make them become active participants in the public affairs of their country.
  8. It also makes citizens understand democratic principles and processes and at the same time makes people know about government policies and activities

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