1. Inter-communal relationship promotes the development of communities as they work harmoniously towards bringing better and networks of infrastructures such as good roads, electricity, hospitals, schools, portable water etc.

2. Inter-communal relationship help to provide a sense of safety and security among communities. In some cases, the community heads recruit their youths into vigilantism to help secure the lives and properties of their people from any help attack or onslaught. When a place is secured, it enhances the business activities of the area, hence, economic progress flourishes.

3. Inter-communal relationship promotes good health among the people as they work to build the health institutions of their area.

4. Inter-communal relationship creates room for friendship, love and affection which enhance and promote peaceful and harmonious relationship among members of various communities involved.

5. Inter-communal relationship also promotes inter-tribal marriages among the men and women of the communities involved.

6. Inter-communal relationship also stimulates good working relationship with the government and promotes unity in diversity, which helps to facilitate government policies in such area(s).

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