1. Dialogue:

This is one potent way any type of conflict could be resolved. Dialogue is the process when two or the various warring factions come together at a round table to discuss their problems and sort themselves out. Dialogue is a situation when people come together to brainstorm possible solutions to crises. The parties involved come together and proffer resolutions that will help engender peace.

2. Mediation:

This is another potent way crises are resolved in any part of the world. This is usually achieved through a mediator who tries to wade into the matter and see how to proffer solutions, Government in some cases could appoint special panel to mediate between warring factions. Note that in mediation, there must be another party (a neutral body) to serve a mediator, without which such gathering may never yield any fruitful result.

3. Tolerance:

The warring factions must be ready to accept each other and try to respect themselves for peace to break through, In doing this, the two parties can go into negotiation to resolve their differences. So negotiation is also very important in resolving conflicts.

4. Court of Law:

Another way conflicts are resolved is through the legal process where a court of competent jurisdiction entertains the case and delivers judgment. Where the aggrieved feels cheated, they can appeal the judgment.

5. Leadership:

Conflicts can also be resolved through community leaders who come together to take a stand on such matter by way of collaboration without necessarily waiting for another person(s).


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