Government Constituted Authority

These are leaders of government or political office holders, who have the constitutional backing to rule the people. They can be referred to as political authorities or leaders. This group is vested with the political power and authority to govern the people, provide basic amenities, preserve and protect their rights and maintain the security of lives of the people.

This group also makes laws, rules and regulations to ensure the peaceful and harmonious existence of the people. The groups that fall under this type of authority are the:

1. President of a country;

2. Governors of the states;

3. Ministers;

4. Legislators lawmakers; and

5. Law enforcement Agencies like the Police and armed forces.

Functions Government Constituted Authority

1. They preserve and protect the right of the citizens.

2. They provide basic social amenities to the people such as water, roads, electricity, schools, hospitals etc.

3. They protect the lives and property of the citizens.

4. They make laws and enforce them.

5. They promote national unity and also ensure that the country is protected against internal and external insurrection,

6. They also maintain law and order in society.

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