Press freedom is the unrestrictive expression of the mass media. e.g. print media – Newspaper, Magazines and electronic media – Television, Radio, Internet etc.

It is the freedom to operate without too many restrictions and/or interference by the government in power. It is a situation where the press is given the power and authority to report on issues as they are without fear or favour but this must be within certain boundaries.

The press is a medium or channel of communication through which ideas, opinions, views and other information are disseminated to a sizeable and classified number of audiences for which it is meant for.

It can also be referred to as a system of communication of messages of both humans and technology which involves the generation of ideas, concepts, views, opinions and all other forms of information from one person to another and to the wider world.

The press is a means of communication that serves as the grease that lubricates society and regulates human relationships and event

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