Print media:

1. The high level of illiteracy among the Nigerian populace makes it difficult for the users to read and understand the real content of the information being given out.
2. The distribution of newspapers is always very poor as they are saddled with a lot of operational logistics.
3. Lack of press freedom is also another serious issue hampering the growth of the industry.
4. Incessant central government interference over the activities of the press.
5. Lack of adequate finance to carry on with its policies required for effective performance.
6. Brown envelope syndrome. That is the act of collecting money from the well-to-do in society and singing praises to them.

Electronic media:

1. electronic media especially TV, Computers, and Radio are relatively high in price to be purchased by the ordinary man.
2. Its message and/or information are mainly geared towards the educated audience hence the non-educated persons in the society are relegated to the background.
3. The information flow of electronic media is usually hampered by incessant power failure.
4. The establishment and running of electronic media is expensive and very much demanding.
5. electronic media do not give room for question or feedback systems.

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