This is a party system whereby only one legal and legitimate political party is constitutionally recognized in a given country, Examples of countries under a one-party system are Malawi, Kenya, Russia, China, Ethiopia, Spain, Zambia etc. There are basically three types of one-party systems namely:

a. Predominant Party: This is a party that is elected into power and is continuously re-elected because the voters want the party to remain. This system is mostly found in the Asian continent.

b. True-Single Party System: This is a party that exercises a dominant role in the political affairs of a given country without any form of opposition. In this type, the law prevents the formation of any other active party or party.

c. Hegemonic Party System: This is a party that is formidably formed and enjoys an all-round, unchallenged authority. Although in this type of party system, the law does not work against the opposition, the state is clearly concerned with an effective single party for a very long period.

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