COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS: Is an association that consists of all independent nations that were colonized by Britain.


  1. To foster friendly relations among member states.
  2. To promote economic development of members.
  3. To promote sportsmanship among member states.
  4. To encourage defense co-operation among member states.
  5. To provide scientific co-operation among states.
  6. To respect and protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of member states.


PRIME MINISTER’S CONFERENCE: This is the highest organ of this association, which consists of Heads of states and governments of member states or their accredited representatives.


  1. The prime minister’s conference has the power to sanction or suspend any erring member state.
  2. Deliberates on vital issues affecting member states.
  3. Appoints the Secretary-General.
  4. Receives and approves the association’s budget.

THE SECRETARIAT: This is the administrative office of the commonwealth. It has as the head, a Secretary-General who is assisted by other staff of member states. The secretariat was established in London in the year 1965.


  1. Organizes conferences of Heads of states and government of member states.
  2. Performs the administrative functions of the association and also keeps member-states
  3. The secretariat also sees to the promotion of commonwealth co-operation especially in trade and tourism.


  1. Led to more trade-operation among member states.
  2. Has also encouraged co-operation in educational research and inter-change of scientific personnel and knowledge among member states.
  3. The association has served as a forum for promoting friendly relations in the area of sports among member states.
  4. The commonwealth has helped member states in granting financial and technical aids.
  5. The association has helped to promote economic development of member states.


    1. No effective means of enforcing the association’s resolution. 
    2. Political instability in some member states.
    3. Problem of regional organizations weakens the commonwealth. 
    4. Foreign policies of member-states.
    5. The attitude of Britain in the South Africa apartheid enclave.
    6. No common currency among member states.
    7. Secession problem.
    8. Lack of standard rules and regulations caused by the absence of charter by the association.

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