In the field of Agriculture, people both in the past and present specialized in the production of crops that were peculiar to their geographical zone.

Hence people in the swamp areas of Nigeria engaged in the production of rice and other crops that needed such land and vice versa. Again, the pre-colonial history of Nigeria portrayed the people as talented craftsmen and industrialists.

For instance, the Yorubas and the Benin people were artists and carvers while Awka people of Anambra state were mainly blacksmiths. The Hausa people were craftsmen and produced leather goods, carves and made substance of camel hair etc.

The Igala people specialized in weaving while the Itsekiri people produced salt etc.

Note that the migration of people in the pre-colonial history of Nigeria was mainly to the industrial areas.

Moreover, there were lots of trading actives among people at that time. For instance, since different people were engaged in the production of different goods they exchanged those goods with what they did not have.


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