The nationalist leaders of Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra- Leone and the Gambia left no stone unturned in their struggles for independence and political emancipation of the continent.

They contributed in no small measure to achieving political independence for the Africans through the following ways:

1. Formation of political parties and associations to awaken the spirit of Africans politically.

2. Establishment of print media (newspapers) like West African Pilot and Lagos Daily News as a vanguard for the agitation of self-rule and independence.

3. Formation of organized Labour Unions and pressure groups for support of self-rule in Nigeria.

4. Use of strikes and boycotts as powerful political instruments to buttress their agitations.

5, Use of propaganda as machinery e.g. the activities of the West African Students Union in London to present their stand on the need for independence in the African continent.

6. Sending of powerful delegates to London through the secretary of state for the colonies to press forward their demands.

7. Rallies, symposia and lectures were organized to educate the minds of the African people on their political rights.

8. Participation in constitutional conferences held in both London and Lagos.

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