Rt Hon. Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Herbert Macauley and Nelson Mandela.


In discussing the nationalistic roles of groups in Africa, we will look at the impact of political parties, student Unionism, the mass media and other organizations in the fight against British colonial rule and occupation of the West African territories.

Political Parties:

The formation of political parties and other associations like the Pan African Congress, Convention Peoples Party and National Congress of British West Africa by African nationalists inspired and awakened the spirit of national consciousness among the African nationalists, such that, they used the platform to educate their people on the need for political liberation and total emancipation of the continent from British imperial rule and domination.

Student Unionism campaigned ceaselessly and purposefully for the speedy realization of political independence and liberation of the West African Continent was the Student Union. One such organization was the West African Student Union (WASU), which contributed in no small measure to the fight against colonial rule. So, student unionism also helped significantly in the radical and fiery move for Africans to determine their own future and to end British colonial rule forthwith.

The Mass Media:

The establishment of newspapers (Print media of mass communication) by nationalist leaders like Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe served as a vanguard for the agitation for self-rule and independence of the African continents. Dr Azikiwe in his spirit of nationalism floated two newspapers – the West African Pilot and Lagos Daily News. These papers served as the mouthpiece of the nationalist leaders and struggles for socio-political independence and liberation of the African people.

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