Democracy originated in Greece and is often referred to as Representative Government.

In the early days of the practice of democracy by mo. ‘ states, every qualified adult citizen must be physically present to participate in the decision-making process, as every participant represents the interest of his family and/or community.

A good example of this system of government can be seen in the Igbo nation where all male adults converge at the village square to discuss matters/ issues that affect them and decisions taken subsequently based on consensus.


DEMOCRACY is a system of government in which the electorates periodically vote to elect their representative.

Democracy according to the one-time president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, is classically defined as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Democracy recognizes the equality and dignity of all persons regardless of race, sex, age, religion or social status. Countries practising democracy are the USA, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, France, UK, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Sweden etc.


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