1. It promotes the election of the best and most qualified candidate to any political office.

2. It promotes a full sense of belonging and participation by different groups.

3. It creates room for people to choose the best candidate to represent them in government.

4. It does not promote dictatorship; rather it shows a true test of democracy.

5. It is the best government that suits a country with different ethnic groups.

6. It promotes rule of law and as such guarantees fundamentals. human rights.

7. It also encourages mass political participation, hence, popular sovereignty resides with the people.

8. It also advocates for the equality of all citizens.

9. It involves periodic elections through which one government replaces another peacefully.

10. It encourages the government to rule according to the laws provided by the constitution.

11. Citizenship is not dependent on adherence.

12.  Constitutional democracy is considered legitimate because it has the full support of the people.

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