1. Popular Sovereignty:

It recognizes the political sovereignty of the electorates i.e. rower belongs to the people, who either participate directly or elect a representative to care for their interest.

2. Majority Rule:

It is a government in which the will of the majority prevails. It is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, hence, encourages and promotes popular participation. The majority carries the day.

3. Minority Rights:

Constitutional democracy gives room for the minority group to be heard as it paves way for the protection of the rights of the voiceless, the downtrodden arid the weak in society. Constitutional democracy is a democratic process where the interest and rights of everybody, particularly minorities are not only protected but guaranteed.

4. Political Liberty:

Democracy involves the supremacy of people and as such, gives equal rights to all qualified citizens to participate in the politics of their country.

5. Free and Fair Elections:

It is a system of government based on popular free and fair elections.

6. Rule of Law:

Democracy promotes rule of law, which helps to guarantee the existence of Fundamental Human Rights.

7. Separation of power:

It also advocates for separation of powers among the three arms of government. The arms of government are separated both in functions and in personnel.

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