Types of Salts

Acid Salt

Here, the replaceable hydrogen ion is partially replaced by a metallic radical. E.g. NaHCO3, NaHSO4 etc.

Basic salt

These salts contain the OH- ions. They occur since there is inadequate supply of acid for complete neutralization. E.g. Zn(OH) CL etc.

Normal salt

These salts are formed when the replaceable hydrogen ions of the acid are completely replaced by metallic radicals. E.g. NaCL1, CaCL2, Na2SO4, NaNO3

Double salts

These are salts that ionize to produce three types of ions; of which two are positive while the other is negative. E.g. (NH4)2 Fe(SO4)2, 6H20.

Complex salts

Contains ions consisting of a charged group of atoms. E.g. Na2 Zn(OH)4

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