Types of Reaction


it is a form of reaction whereby a compound is broken into two or more small compounds, it can be thermally done.
CuCO3(s)  →  CaCO(s) + CO2(g)


It is a form of reaction whereby an atom or group of atoms is replaced by another atom on group atoms. It is also farmed displacement reaction.
CaCO3(s) + Zn(s)  →   ZnCO3(s) + CO(s)


It is a form of reaction whereby atoms of elements combine to form a compound
N2(g) + 3H2(g)  →  2NH3(aq)

Double decomposition

It is a form of reaction between two soluble salts with the Intention of forming one soluble and one insoluble salt.
NaCL(aq) + AgNO3(aq) →  NaNO3(aq) + AgCL(s)

Reversible reactions

These are reactions which can proceed both In forward and backward directions. A+D  ⇌  C + D

Catalytic reaction

These are those reactions that utilize catalyst in it.
2KCLO3(g)  →    2KCL(aq) + 3O2(g)

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