The Relief of West Africa

The relief of West Africa can be grouped into four namely:

1. The Highlands

E.g. Udi Hills, Kukuruku Hills, the Cameroon Mountains, the Togo -Afalora Ridges.

2. The West African Coast:

West Africa has a low and Sandy Coastline and as such its features Vary in character from place to another. E.g. Cli Coastline of Liberia and Ghana, Delta coastline of Nigerian, Ria Coastline of Guinea, Lagoon Coastline of ivory Coast and Lagos, Nigeria, Smooth Sandy Coastline of Mauritania etc.

3. The Plateau:

There are high and low plateaus. The Plateau attains greater height on the Western and Eastern extremes. In the west we have the Futa Jallon Plateau while in the east, we have the Jos Plateau, which steeps up from Benue Valley to Jos above sea level of about 1 83,000Cm A good example of the low plateau is the Enugu escarpment and the Cross River lowlands, which rises to the l3amenda highlands.

4. Coastal Plain:

This is very narrow in West Africa but it is broad lfl Senegal, Mauritania and the Gambia.

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