Vegetation in West Africa

The vegetation in West Africa can also be grouped into five broad areas as outlined below:

1. Forest Vegetation:

This is mostly located in the Southern part of West Africa with the exception of Coast of Ghana.
This very vegetation is made up of (i) Mangrove Swamp Forest and (ii) Rain Forest regions.

2. Savanna Vegetation:

This is mostly located in the Northern part of West Africa. This very vegetation also has its sub-divisions such as (i) The Guinea Savanna. (ii) The Sudan Savanna. (iii) The Sahel Savanna

3. Desert Vegetation:

This is another vegetation mostly found in northern Mali, Niger and Mauritania. The area is sparse and scanty with grasses, shrubs and herbs as dominants.

4. Montane Vegetation:

These are highlands or Mountainous areas of West Africa, which has some evergreen forests and grassland. Such areas include Guinea highlands, Jos, Fouta Djallon and Eastern highlands.

5. Mangrove Swamp Vegetation:

This very vegetation is divided into Fresh-Water Swamp and Salt-Water Swamp. It can be found in Anambra and Cross Rivers State areas of Nigeria, and also in Abidjan and Freetown.

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