The Printers

Printers like the monitors enable us to get output from the PC.

There are three main types of printers which are:

1. The dot-matrix

(2) the inkjet

(3) the laser

Characteristics of the printers type

i. The Dot-matrix printers

a. They are cheaper and easy to run
b. They work with continuous fanfold of paper rather than one sheet at a time using a system called tractor feeding.
c. They work with multi-layer, self carbonated paper enabling you to produce multiple or duplicate copies.

2. Inkjet Printers

Characteristics and uses are
(i) They print characters and images by spraying ink on to the paper from tiny nozzles in the printer cartridge.
(ii) The printer head is part of the cartridge which is ink tilled.
(iii) The ink and the printer head can be replaced with new one.
(iv) They are cheap to acquire.
(v) They are expensive.
(vi) They are not strong enough to withstand stress.

3. Laser Printers:

a. It works like a photocopier.
b. It produces a high quality printout.
c. they are reliable.

Demerits of laser printer are:
a. They are bulkier than other type of printer.
b. They are very expensive.
c. They are less environment friendly.

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