The monitor (Visual display unit)

the monitor is also known as the visual display unit (VDU) because it enable you to display your work on the screen.

types of monitor based on the colour are;

  1. Monochrome monitors.
  2. Colour Graphics Adapter monitors.
  3. Super video Graphics array monitor
  4. Colour video Graphics array monitors.

Characteristics of the different types of the monitors are:

Monochrome monitors

a. It provides good text display
b. It has one colour

Colour Graphic Adapter

a. They posses graphics
b. They posses limited colours
c. They display arrays with low quality.

Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) monitor

a. It produces a detailed image with photo quality colour.
b. It displays images of high resolution (640 X 480) and colours between 256 to 16,000,000.

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