The Legislature s is the first arm of government vested with the power and authority to make laws, and define the rights, duties and obligations of citizens. This organ of government is made up of elected legislators like members of the Senate, House of Representatives, House of Assembly and Councilors.

Functions and Relevance of the Legislature

Making of laws: This very arm of government is solely in charge of enacting laws for the state/country.

Watchdog Function: The lawmakers maintain strict surveillance over the actions of the executive.

Amendment of Constitution: The lawmakers also see to the amendment of the constitution.

Budget Approval: The lawmakers control national finances through budget approval and also conduct investigations into government departments to ascertain how funds appropriated by them are expended.

Approval of Major Executive Policies: The legislature approves all major policies of the executive.

Approval of International Treaties: They play an active role in regulating and ratifying international treaties.

Approval of Major Appointments: The lawmakers approve the 8. appointment of ministers, commissioners etc.

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