The Executive is the arm of government vested with the authority to implement and enforce the laws made by the legislature. The executive is the centre of government that initiates, executes policies and supervises the day-to-day administration of the state.

Functions and Relevance of the Executive

1. Initiates Bills: The executive initiates bills and recommends them to the legislature for consideration.

2. Negotiates International Treaties: The executive negotiates for international treaties under the approval of the parliament (legislature).

3. Policy Formulation: The executive is also vested with the power to formulate policies.

4. Maintains Law and Order: The executive also sees to the maintenance of law and order by enforcing them.

5. Execution of Laws: The executive implements and executes the laws made by the legislature.

6. Foreign Visitors: The executive performs certain functions such as receiving foreign ambassadors.

7. Budget: The executive prepares the country’s budgets.

8. The executive appoints and dismisses members of the diplomatic corps of his country.

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