This indicates where two roads meet and join together usually in a capital “T” letter form.


This also indicates where two roads meet and join together usually in capital “Y” letter form.


A bend is also known as a corner. It is a warning sign to drivers and other road users informing them of a sharp corner so as to reduce speed. It is usually indicated with these signs:

Hill Sign:

This is also a sign used to inform road users about the natural rise (in the form of a heap, mound) or the sloppy nature of the road ahead. The hill is also represented with this sign.


Zebra-crossing is an area marked with broad white and black lines where vehicles must stop to allow pedestrians walk across either in group, queue or otherwise.


This is a place that indicates where two or more roads link and cross each other. It has this type of signs.

Road Block:

This is a stop point on the road where law enforcement agencies like police, customs, immigration, FRSC carryout their normal routine security checks.

Road Demarcation:

Is the division of the road into two equal parts or lanes such that traffic flows in opposite directions.


This is a place where more than one road link and join each other usually in a circular form.

Road Diversion:

Is an arrow sign that informs road users for a change in the direction of the road. The arrow sign points to the direction and/or side of the direction to go.

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