1. Not looking out before crossing the road: Most pedestrians cross the road without looking on both sides of the road.

2. Not crossing where pedestrians are supposed to walk: Most pedestrians do not keep off the road due to carelessness. They cross the road from in-between cars or Lorries. Most pedestrians cross the road where they cannot be seen.

3. Ignorance: Some pedestrians are ignorant of road signs, such that, they cross the road when they are not supposed to do so.

4. Absence of footpaths: Many Nigerian roads do not have special walkway for pedestrians. The pedestrians being aware of this, still walk the road without caution.


1. Over-speeding

2. Over-confidence

3. Lack of concentration

4. Dangerous overtaking

5. Taking alcohol and drugs when driving.

6. Tiredness

7. Poor vehicle maintenance

8. Distractions on the part of passengers

9. Indiscriminate parking of vehicles

10. Bad roads

11. Illiteracy and ignorance

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