This is another type of good value which every society cherish and crave for. Sselflessness is an act of having or exhibiting no concern for oneself; unselfish but motivated to the welfare of others; giving all that one has for the good of others.

It is also the quality of not putting oneself first but being willing to give one’s time, devotion, money and effort to the betterment of other people. A selfless person has little or no time to himself, especially with regard to fame, position or affluence.

He is always calm and reserved but thinks more about other people’s needs, welfare, joy and happiness.

Attributes/Qualities of a selfless person

1. A selfless person spends less on himself as he has little or no time for fame, position or affluence.
2. He is always thinking more of other people’s needs, welfare, joy and happiness.
3. He is calm, reserved, unselfish and ever ready to do good! well to others.
4. A selfless person is not usually greedy, overzealous and dubious in nature.
5. He is not a cheat but always shows concern for others.
6. He is a patriot; always ready to render succour to those in need and the oppressed.
7. A selfless person is always propelled by a high degree of love for people around him, which motivates him to do good for them.

Need/Importance of Selflessness in Our Community

1. Selflessness leads to volunteering, charity work, and doing all forms of humanitarian jobs/services and support programmes.
2. Selflessness gives people the patriotic spirit to serve one’s a state/country diligently.
3. Selflessness breeds good leaders, who jettison all forms of corrupt practices.
4. Selflessness activities breed role models whose acts of benevolence can always be looked up to by younger ones.
5. It leads to progress and development.
6. Selflessness abhors injustice and discrimination of any form in its entirety.
7. It promotes personal sacrifice, altruism and integrity.
8. It also promotes public peace and order.
9. Selflessness abhors pride, arrogance and greed.

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