Apart from the constitution as the chief defender of human rights, individuals, groups and government can equally help in upholding and protecting human rights Ways by which individuals and groups can help in upholding and protecting human right are:

I. Representing the affected person(s) in court: Some welt placed and public-spirited individuals, like Late Chief Gani Fawehimni (SAN), Femi Falana, Barr. Olisa Agbakoba and other human rights activists have in time past and even to date taken up cases of human rights abuses/violations to court. In like manner, there are also some good and public-spirited individuals, whose names may not be known, that help ta sponsor legal actions against human rights violations either by individuals, groups or government. In doing this, the rights of humans are upheld and protected from abuse.

2. Drawing attention to cases of human rights abuse(s): Another way individuals and groups can help in upholding and protecting human right abuse(s) or violation(s) is/are by protesting against such either by protest match, mass media coverage or going on hunger strike. In doing any of the above, the attention of government, the general public and even the international community is drawn to such human rights abuse(s) or violation(s).

3. Advocacy/Education: Human rights can also be upheld and protected individually or in a group by providing public enlightenment/awareness campaigns either through the mass media (TV) or organizing a public gathering. In doing this, individuals advocate for support from government in ensuring that human rights are not abused or where such had already taken place, government exerts its powers towards reversing such abuse.

4. Protest Match: The violation of human rights can also be made known to the government by individuals/groups in protest matches along major roads and streets carrying placards.

5. Media coverage: Individuals/groups can also protect against human rights abuse by speaking out against such through any means of mass communication – TV Radio, Newspapers etc, thereby creating awareness campaigns against such human rights violations.

6. Hunger strike: Individuals/groups can also go on hunger strike to protest violations of human rights.

7. Court action: Individuals/groups can also institute legal action against the abuse of human rights. Also, individual person(s) whose rights have been abused can seek redress in the law court.

8. Investigation of complaints and staging of dialogue: This can also help to uphold human rights. Other bodies/groups that can help in upholding the universal declaration of human rights are:

i. Civil society organizations/Civil liberty organizations.
ii. Trade unions.
iii. Students’ unions.
iv. Ethnic associations.
v. legal aid council.

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