The relationship that exists between individuals and arid government suggests the ways citizens respond to the government of their country and how the government, in turn, reciprocates the citizens’ responsibilities. Individuals relate to government by obliging their civic responsibilities in the following ways;

i. Observing our duties and obligations as citizens.

ii. Obeying the laws of the state.

iii. Respecting leaders and other constituted authorities.

iv. Being loyal to government officials

v. Payment of taxes.

vi. Participating in elections.

vii. Readiness to defend the country at all times.

viii. Helping to protect the lives and properties of fellow citizens by reporting suspected criminals to law enforcement agencies.

ix. Respect for our national symbols like the flag, national anthem, pledge, currency etc.

x. Readiness to serve the nation e.g. NYSC programme.

While government’s relationship with the citizens borders on the government’s ability to:

i. Provide basic amenities for the citizens.

ii. Ensure that citizens’ health conditions are adequately taken care of through the provision of hospitals, health care centres and other institutions that promotes life expectancy.

iii. Make laws that help to regulate the conduct of citizens so as to make for a harmonious co-existence.

iv. Maintain law and order through the establishment of law enforcement agencies.

v. Implement policy programmes that promote the welfare of the citizens.

vi. Protect the lives and properties of citizens by the law court and the police.

vii. Administer justice with fair play through the establishment of courts and payments of its staff.

viii. Provide employment to the citizens to help earn them a decent living.

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