1. The civil society organisation is a non-governmental organization established by various interest groups.

2. They are not set up by the government, hence separate from the state and market. They are completely independent.

3. CSOs are voluntary organisations that seek to pursue common purposes for the betterment of the general public.

4. The CSO5 are made up of people from different works of life including academia, who come together to pursue a particular course and purpose.

5. The CSOs gain popularity and legitimacy through the popular participation of people across the board, who develop ideas and innovations that help to develop human capacity and national value.

6. The CSOs are positive, constructive, and follows a right-based approach in pursuing their common goals. Civil society organisations’ memberships are voluntary but depend on the fulfilment of certain criteria as may be specified by the organization.

7. The CSOs pursue goals relating to effective governance and progress in the various sectors of the economy. They abhor dictatorship and oppression.

9. They advocate strict observance and adherence to rule of law and constitutionalism

10. Civil society has well-established structures that promote equality, equity and justice in their operation.

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