1. Corruption and Inconsistency:

The insincerity and unpatriotic attitudes of our political office holders and that of the government in power towards the execution of youth empowerment schemes have actually hindered its full realization.

This is occasioned by the corruptive tendencies of those handling the programmes and the inconsistency in programme implementation and execution.

In most cases, the funds meant for the programme(s) are either not released by the government or where the funds are released, part, if not a larger chunk of the funds are diverted to private pockets of those at the corridors of power.

2. Lack of accountability and probity:

Another major problem of youth empowerment programme executions is the lack of accountability and probity seen in government circles.

It is quite glaring to observe that in Nigeria, for instance, most of the political office holders lack integrity and can hardly be trusted with issues of money.

This selfish attitude of government officials has greatly led to a lack of accountability and probity in almost all government projects, including youth empowerment schemes.

3. Inadequate funding and Infrastructure:

The smallness of funds released by the government to execute youth empowerment schemes is usually not enough.

Also, there is a lack of basic infrastructure and enabling environment to help the youth achieve their potential to the fullest.

4. Low Morale and Motivation:

Many youths of today lack craftsmanship and are usually not well educated to make optimal use of their time and life hence lack the drive and passion with which to be self-reliant.

Even when they are given the opportunity to learn a trade or acquire a skill, they tend to shy away. Such youths lack the determination to succeed in life.

5. Poor Education:

Another factor that has hindered the full realization of youth empowerment is the lack of good education among the youths.

6. Training Deficiency:

Many youths today lack any form of training that will empower them to live sustainable life.

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