EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS: The Emir is both the political and spiritual head of the Emirate. He is the Chief Executive and absolute monarch of the emirate. He is assisted by this council of advisers:

  1. Waziri – the head of all the officials.
  2. Gaiadima – administrator incharge of the capital city of the emirate.
  3. Madawaki – Army Commander 
  4. Sarkin Fada – Head of palace workers/officials.
  5. Sarkin Pawa – Head of all Butchers.
  6. Sarkin Ruwa – Head of fishing and water resources.
  7. Dogari – Chief Head of police.
  8. Maaji – Head of treasury.
  9. Hakimi – lncharge of district administration.
  10. Yari – Chief Superintendent of Prisons.
  11. Alkali – Chief Judge of Sharia Court. He administers Sharia laws.

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