1. Value – reorientation:

One of the objectives/reasons for establishing YES is to make the youths have an attitudinal, structural and cultural change that is capable of effecting positive change in their own lives and in the lives of other people.

2. Job Opportunities:

To engage the youths in meaningful, purposeful, life-changing and sustainable ventures which create job opportunities that earn them a living. This can be achieved through skill acquisition and education, which affords them basic knowledge and skills with which they can be gainfully employed.

3. Wealth Creation:

The ability of the youths to create wealth in their various fields, professions, occupations, trades, vocations or skills is a sure way of economic emancipation and empowerment, which leads to national growth and development of the country.

4. Acquisition of Skills:

The essence of youth empowerment is to encourage youths financially through skill acquisitions that enable them to live a self-sustaining and optimal life.

5. Self-Reliance:

Another aim or purpose of establishing YE is to make youths to be self-reliant and economically empowered to create wealth and enhance the overall development of the country.

6. Poverty Reduction:

Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) is established to help build a solid foundation for employment and wealth creation thus reducing poverty to the barest minimum.

7. Development of our Environment:

The YES programmes also help in developing our environment through the acquisition of skies, occupations/professions etc.

8. Crime Reduction:

Another objective/reason for establishing YES by the government is to help fight boredom and restiveness which breeds crime.

9. Provision of Leadership Skills and Good Governance:

When people are educated and well trained, it makes them live up to their civic responsibilities and engagement and play an active role in the political life of their state or country thus providing a high level of leadership skills which makes governance and development easier and obtainable.

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