1. Self-Reliance:

One major reason for empowerment skills is to make people be self-reliant thereby improving their economic base and sustainability.

2. Earns people a living:

Learning and acquiring life-changing and self-sustaining skills also make people create wealth and have a means of livelihood. This enables them to fend for themselves and improve their standard of living.

3. Value reorientation:

One of the reasons for establishing empowerment schemes is to make people, especially the youths, have an attitudinal, structural and cultural change in their lives.

So when people learn and acquire skills, it makes them imbibe and internalize some worth-while values, virtues and norms that enable them to live a purposeful and meaningful

4. Improves Agricultural Base:

Teaching and educating people in some agricultural activities like fishery, horticulture, piggery, livestock farming and growing of crop plants helps in enhancing the agricultural base of a country.

5. Wealth Creation:

When people acquire skills, it enables them to be gainfully employed and be handsomely paid. So, skill acquisition makes people generate income which they use to solve problems, not only to themselves but to other members of their immediate family and beyond.

6. Empowerment and Industrialization:

Acquiring skills in science-related fields (Technological skills) like welding and fabrication do not only make people be gainfully employed, it also facilitates industrialization, which is the hallmark of development.

7. Crime Reduction:

There is a saying that: “Idle mind is a devil’s workshop” This saying holds sway only when people are not actively engaged in something productive. But when people are empowered financially through the acquisition of life-changing and self-sustaining skills, the saying becomes balderdash because they are not only gainfully employed, but they also live a self-fulfilled and satisfactory life.

8. Growth and Development:

Skill acquisitions lead to improvement in the infrastructural base of every nation to which economic growth and development are measured.

9. Agricultural Mechanization:

Skill acquisitions also lead to agricultural mechanization through the use of modern equipment like tractors, harvesters, incubators, ridgers, ploughs, bulldozers etc.

10. Food Sufficiency:

Acquiring skills in the area of livestock farming (rearing of goats, pigs, cattle, fish, poultry etc), crop production, especially food crops such as maize, fruits, cassava, sorghum, beans, rice, yams, vegetables etc will significantly make food available for the growing population of our country, Nigeria.

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