NATIONAL CONGRESS OF BRITISH WEST AFRICA (NCBWA): The NCBWA came to being in the year 1917. This congress was organized by a group of intellectuals from British

West Africa and was headed by Joseph Casely Hayford, a lawyer from Accra. The organization’s Headquarters was Accra, Ghana. British West African Countries are Ghana (Gold coast), Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia. NCBWA resolutions passed at the Accra conference in 1920 are:

  1. The issue of granting elective principle.
  2. The establishment of legislative council in each British West African country with half of the council members being Africans.
  3. The judiciary should be independent of the colonial administration.
  4. The establishment of a befitting West African university to help preserve in the students, a sense of African nationality.
  5. There should be no legislation without adequate consultation of the African people and their chiefs (see A.C.G. Express Government for details).

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