Microsoft Word (MS-Word)

It is a product of Microsoft Corporation of the United States. Different versions lie: Word 3.1, Word 5, Word 7 and Word 9.

Starting an Ms-Word:

When you are on the desktop:

1. click the start bottom with the mouse
2. move to the program
3. move in a horizontal direction to fly out menu.
5. locate and click on the Microsoft word.
The program will start automatically, wait until it is through.

How to open an old file:

Two ways of doing this are:
1. press the ctrl button + O at the same time. The opens a lox from which the file is located. Click o file and then click on open.
2 (a) Click on the file menu
(b) Locate the open line and dick, the same box com up.

How to open a new file:

There are two ways of doing this as well. These are:
1. Use the ctrl button + N button at the same time or
2. Click on the file menu and locate the new file an click. This will introduce a blank space.

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