Microsoft Basic Character Set

A character denotes any letter, digit and punctuation symbols of information in any language.

Alphabetic characters (A-Z, a-z)

Numeric characters (0 – 9 and A-F or a-f for hexadecimal numbers) and

Special characters.

Some special characters have special meaning and are used for special purposes. These are:

Data — Type Suffixes

! Single — precision numeric (Exclamation point)
# Double — precision numeric
$ Dollar symbol (String)
% Integer (Percentage symbol)
& Long — Integer (Ampersand)

Mathematical operators

* asterisk (multiplication operation)’
– Minus sign
/ Division (slash)

= equality or Relational operation)
> Greater than
+ Pius sign (addition) Decimal point
< Less than
\ Integer division (backslash)
^ Exponentiation symbol (carat)

Special characters

I Comment line (single quote)
; Semicolon
‘ Comma
: Colon (separate multiple statement in one line)
“ “ Double quotation marks (enclose string constants
[] Level and right brackets.
Blank (space)
@ At symbol
? Question mark.

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