Comment briefly on the language and form of the poem.

The language of” the Anvil and the Hammer” agrees with the subject matter. The two instruments are key to the shaping of ion after going through the furnace. When it comes out, it is usually better formed. Thus, the diction of blacksmithing becomes relevant in this discourse. The “anvil” is an iron block used by blacksmiths to shape metals. The hammer on the other hand is a big iron used to strike on metals to give the desired shape.

Similarly, “forging” is to make or shape a metal object heating and hammering. The end result is transformed into a new object.

Again, the river is known for cleansing for the emergence of something pure and new. Hence, the diction of river is equally relevant. The “estuary” signifies the mouth of a larger river etc. the words denoting pain, everlasting joy are also apt.

The poem has a unique form. It is a blank verse. It has no patterned rhyme scheme. Besides, the poem is written in form of prose without the usual poetic stanzas. The tempo of language is high and suspense-filled caused by the deliberate spontaneous employment of run-on lines. All in all, the language is simple, likewise the form.

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