Comment on the effect of the poetic devices used in the poem, The Anvil and The Hammer.

Several poetic devices have been employed by the poet for maximum effect. For instance, the use of “flags” and “anthems” is very symbolic. Flags and anthems are national symbols denoting freedom, liberation or liberty from the operation. The application of these symbols agrees with the speaker’s earlier note of captivity and his transformation into the joys of new songs. Again, “songs” as used in the poem are also symbolic. “Our songs” simply refer to our heritage, culture or identity. While “the jargon of a new dialectic” as used in line ‘9’ of the poem symbolizes the complexity of the emerging new and foreign language. The sea is personified in line 21. There are examples of alliteration to enhance tine sound effects; examples,

“Transforming the…that” – line 3

‘The trapping the… tender…tenuous”_ line 5

“woves with” – line 6, “we…wear”- line 12

“their tunes” – line 17, “while we” – line 19

“to the” – line 20, “splash…see” – line 21


These alliterations make the poem melodious. In addition, repetition includes, “new”, “with”, “of”, “songs”, “we”, “washed” etc. The diction is apt especially with some metaphors and appropriate language denoting blacksmithing the past, present and common expressions.

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