The Ijebu expedition of May 1892 was the immediate cause of the British increased pressure on the Yoruba land. Hence, the cause of the expedition was not far-fetched. They are as follows:

  • The people of Ijebu-Ode closed their trade route to Lagos thereby preventing the British people from entering their city.
  • They bluntly refused to admit the Christian missionaries.
  • Again, Awujala antagonized the Ibadan people and refused to sign a trade treaty with the British.

However, Col. Scot led an expeditionary force and defeated Awujala’s force on May 16th 1892 at Yemoji and Pobo after which they were fully taken possession of.

Thus, the defeat of Ijebu-Ode by the British paved way for the occupation of the whole Yoruba land. And the whole of the Yoruba states were under the British economic and political authority as at then.

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