1. Citizens should be able to discuss political issues in their groups, families and communities.

2. Citizens should join any political party of their choice.

3. Citizens should have or know candidates of their choice and should be all out to render their support to such a candidate.

4. Citizens should register and obtain their voter’s card during the preparatory stage of any election.

5. Citizens should be able to criticize objectively any short-coming in society, especially with respect to politics and the electoral commission.

6. Citizens should join popular organizations like civil society groups, political parties or pressure groups to learn and know more about the politics of their country.

7. Citizens should try to leer, and imbibe civic values that are supportive of popular participation and shun nonchalant attitudes towards government and the electoral process.

8. Citizens should all come out during elections to vote and right against rigging and other forms of electoral malpractices,

9. Citizens should be able to know their rights and at all times defend them.

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