Headers and Footers

They are places to put repetitive information in a document’s top and bottom margin headers; punt at the top and footers at the bottom of a page.

To insert header, carry out the following:

  1. Select the header and footer options from the view menu. The header and footer toolbar is displayed.
  2. Create and edit the header text to paste graphics, apply styles or format text.
  3. Click on the close button in the header and footer to return to the main document.

The same operation is done to insert header Password. It is a secret code assigned to a document that does not allow another user who has no access to the code to see any document. To add a password, carry out the following:

  1. Open the existing document.
  2. Click tools menu.
  3. Select protect document, protect dialog box appear.
  4. Type the desired letters/numbers in password (optional) box.
  5. Click OK to activate.
  6. Re-enter the type password again for confirmation and press enter.

The password must be remembered before the document can be opened.

To delete the password, carry out the following

(i) Open the existing document

(ii) Click tools menu.

(iii) Select unprotected document

(iv) Type the existing password

(v) Click OK to activate.

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