Computer Professionals

The computer professionals exist in the compute development:

  1. Computer engineer
  2. Computer educator
  3. Data processing managers
  4. Computer programmers
  5. System Analyst etc.

Their functions are briefly explained below

Computer engineers:

(a) He designs the computer
(b) He writes program
(c) He takes care of the repair and maintenance.

Computer educators:

He trains people on how to use computer.
He teaches computer sciences.
He teaches people on the system security.

Data processing managers:

(a) He manages the resources of a computer centre
(b) He provided necessary guidance on the solution c data processing.
(c) He develops and implement data processing standard.

Computer Programmer:

(a) He test programs to see if it meets the system specification.
(b) He translates the program specifications written to instruction words so that the computer will understand it.
(c) He debugs the programs to ensure error free programs.

System Analyst:

(a) He designs the computer software.
(b) He develops the computer software.
(c) He analyses the existing system to view their computerization and tries to revive the system.

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